Tuesday, April 5, 2016

The Tiger in the Cage

Post Soundtrack:  I Give Up by Elijah Bossenbroek

You are the tiger in the cage.
The lion in the muzzle.
Your wild spirit is being drained
Where others cannot see it.

I watch as the jesses are tied on
And the hood pulled over terrified eyes.
I watch the lasso fall and pull tight
Around a throat pulsing with fear and confusion.
I watch as screams of defiance are choked off
By the cold, cruel hand of reality.

Don't let that spirit die,
Don't let it tie you down!
Learn to live free and wild
Though hobbled by agonies I well know.

Don't let it take the heart out of you.
Let the fury come.
Fight and claw for what is yours.
Call out for aid from those you love.

Sing and laugh and challenge the wind
Find your voice and cry aloud!
Show your rage, embrace your fear,
Find the light around you,
Savor glories passed over before.

Learn to live, learn to thrive,
Learn to soar and ride high,
Lean on others, search out the love
Grasp what matters in each day
And see the good that awaits you in the dark.

Could the truth maybe, possible be...
That two broken wings can make us whole?

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